Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We heart mail time!!

Around the Vafi House, the highlight of our days lately (besides, of course, spending time with each other) has been mail time! It all started on Friday, when this lovely shirt came in from what is arguably one of my favorite places to shop online:

Seriously, my love for DownEast Basics is nothing short of embarrassing. I discovered it several years ago when I heard it described as "Anthropologie style on a Target budget," and I just keep coming back for more. If we've ever had a conversation about unique places to find cute clothes, I've probably told you about it before. (If only they were paying me to say this!) Anyway, Chris let me pick something out from there for Valentine's Day, and this is what I found.

Then on Monday, the FedEx guy dropped off a set of dolls on our porch, from Mom and our dear friend Gigi.  This is what Evie immediately did when we handed her doll to her:

 And Tamsie enjoyed some time with her doll too:

Yesterday the girls received yet another treat in the mail: some gorgeous hats from Carissa's mom Betty, who is amazingly talented! The girls were able to debut their hats last night, because we had to make a run to Babies 'R' Us to spend the Valentine's Day money that YaYa sent the girls. Here's Tamsie all strapped up in her car seat and ready to go:

It really is impossible for that little lady to be in her car seat longer than about a minute and a half before going into a deep sleep. Evie modeled her hat in this picture I took once we got to Babies 'R' Us:
One of the best things about these hats is that they perfectly represent what has come to be my ideal twin-dressing philosophy: Dress them alike but with a twist.

When we left Babies 'R' Us, this is what we came back with, thanks to YaYa's Valentine money: 

 A portable mobile!! Does that sound redundant to anyone else? Portable mobile? Not sure what else to call it, but it's pretty cool because not only does it strap onto a crib, but it can also attach to a car seat or pretty much anything else you need to attach it to. (Oh wow - glad I caught that typo! I accidentally typed "crip" instead of "crib" - don't want it attaching to any gangstas out there!!) This way the girls also have a mobile to play with, now that their original two are no longer as glorious as they used to be - although we do still continue to get mileage out of them. They are now attached to the other crib, and I spin them around manually while singing to the girls. We call it "the poor man's mobile." Haha! Our portable mobile definitely has that set-up beat!! :)

Then, as I was typing this blog post, look what our friends at UPS dropped off:

A gorgeous photo book put together by Melissa McMasters!!! I would take more pictures, but I'm afraid my iPhone is diminishing the brilliant quality of the actual pictures. You'll just have to ask me to see it in person (and of course this proud mama will gladly show it to you!).

So we have certainly been spoiled by some special deliveries over the past few days.

One more little note to share: The girls have always loved their taggies that Vickie's mom made them. They are rarely without them, in fact. Well in the past couple of days, they have really started playing with them more than ever, and it's the cutest thing to watch. Tamsie was spinning hers around and biting on it so much earlier that she knocked it clear off her bouncy seat:
Look at that sad little face she made once she kicked it off! (And check out those cute little chubby legs!)
And here are some action shots of Evie enjoying her beloved taggie:

Well Tamsie is letting me know she's awake and hungry early, so off I go! Thanks to everyone who sent us such lovely surprises this week!! :)

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