Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday... that's my fun day!

Here's a little recap of what we've been up to lately:

Thursday was probably the toughest day I've had yet with the girls. Wednesday Tamsie did a lot of crying, which was really unlike her, but Thursday she took it to a whole new level of intensity. And when she starts crying, Evie generally chimes in (and vice versa). At one point, I called my mother in tears (yes, we were all crying at that point) because I could not figure out what in the world was wrong with her, and nothing I tried was helping. Then I called the pediatrician, who said it could be anything - teething, ear infection, gas, etc. - and that we could take her in if we thought we needed to. Germaphobe that I am, I wanted to avoid that unless it became absolutely necessary. But it was pretty hardcore - like she'd cry for food (or so I thought), and then, once it was given to her, she'd cry and force the bottle out of her mouth and barely eat anything. Thursday night we decided to take her in to the doctor on Friday morning, and Chris even worked from home so he'd be handy if I needed him. And then she wound up sleeping soundly through the night and woke up feeling great, so no doctor visit was needed! That said, her hands are always in her mouth, and she's always drooling. Basically she looks like this 24/7:
Other than that, she's seemed perfectly fine though and back to her cheery old self (I realize she doesn't look particularly cheery in that picture), so I'm guessing she was just particularly gassy that day. The verdict is still out on the teething issue too. It's likely she just discovered her hands and can't get enough of them. Really I have no idea! At least she seems happy again!

Yesterday Chris watched the girls in the morning so I could take a nice long nap and then in the afternoon so I could get my hair cut. They always seem to love time with their Daddy, and I think they enjoyed having him all to themselves! Vickie also came to visit yesterday, which was so much fun! Last night we picked up some Chuy's and stayed in with the girls, and I snapped a few pictures of their playtime:
I always wind up with so many pictures of Tamsie's fist in Evie's face! It started back during their ultrasound days and continues to the present....

Tummy time! The socks had long been kicked off by this point.

This was the part of tummy time when they officially gave up and stopped trying....

When we flipped her back over to her back again (she wasn't feeling the whole rolling-over thing last night), Evie wasn't shy about telling us how she felt about her tummy time experience.

Tamsie and Evie looking suspicious. I think this picture really shows off their mirror-image-ness.
Today we made it to church (still quite the feat with 2 small twinnies) - although we were embarrassingly late - and now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my old roomie Jenny Duke, who is flying in from Dallas to visit for the next few days!!! In honor of her visit, I rounded up a few classic photos of us from Facebook:
JJ, me, and Jenny in the OBU Student Center back in 2001, back in the days when I apparently thought the faux-fur-collar look was a good one for me.
Headed to Planet Ouachita during TWIRP Week in fall '04, dressed as Barbies, as I recall, and standing in front of a dorm that has since been condemned and replaced with the type of luxury that we could only dream of in our college days! (BTW - does anyone else remember Perrin West AKA the ghetto of OBU? Did that really happen?! Was that real life? ;) 
Back for OBU Homecoming 2006, the first time JJ and I saw her after Jonathan proposed! We were doing some serious gushing!
And with the lovely bride herself in Vail, Colorado, in 2007. I'm sporting a lovely sunburn, and she's looking glamorous!
Here she is helping me get ready when it was my turn!
I can't wait to see my old roomdawg, who is now expecting a baby boy in May!!!! Speaking of babies, BabyWatch '12 is upon us. Carissa's boy was due a few days ago, and I'm predicting he will wait to show up until the day he's supposed to be induced, which will be Leap Day. McKenzie also seems to be gearing up to make her grand debut, so I'm thinking we'll have some news from Sara sooner rather than later. Next weekend I'll be back in the Big M, so I'll be reporting on at least one new baby very soon! Lots of excitement to come!!!! :)

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