Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday! Can you believe another one has rolled around? Speaking of rolling around, Miss Evangelyn Rose accomplished yet another milestone just last night: rolling over from belly to back! Now Tamsie has apparently been performing this little trick for her dad for quite some time, because I just saw her do it last week and he seemed rather unimpressed and informed me nonchalantly that she has been doing that for a while now. Well, now Evie has joined the elite "we-can-now-roll-over-when-we're-in-the-mood-to" club. (The key words here are "when we're in the mood to" - which, of course, is not always the case!) In my estimation, it's pretty noteworthy that they're doing this, considering they're only about 2 months old from an adjusted-age standpoint. Go Twinnies!

Something truly unfortunate has happened to both mobiles this weekend: they just up and broke. Now the girls look up at them expectantly and enjoy the only 10 seconds of excitement they can get out of these contraptions before they just sllloooow down and ... s t o p ... altogether. Then the girls burst out in tears. Very sad. I've considered making a video of the whole tragic affair and sending it to the mobile company so they can see first-hand how devastating it is when their products break. And so they can send us nice new ones. 
The bird dangling at the top of this pic is part of one defective mobile.
Better yet, I'll just sic Burma Grayson on 'em. My mother can file a complaint with the best of them! (Not sure that's a skill to brag about, but hey, it comes in handy on occasion! For example, when we moved to Louisville, the house didn't close on the day the bank had told us it would, and it was the bank's fault. So Mom somehow swandangled the bank into paying for our hotel rooms and a U-Haul for us to contain what the movers had already brought. I, however, am quite the pushover, so when it comes to things like this, I rely on her mad skillz.)

This weekend we had the distinct pleasure of hosting a visit from Royal Burmar herself, as well as my dear Dad. There was a lot of this going on:

I think she likes them!
and a lot of this too:

They arrived in the 'Ville on Friday night and watched the girls for us so we could go out on a Valentine's date, which was fabulous, by the way. Then Saturday we all went out for lunch, and my parents got their first taste of what it is like to take twin babies out in public. As soon as we walked into the restaurant, there was a collective "Awwww!! Twins!" followed by the onslaught of the usual questions and comments: what are their names, how old are they, are they identical, they are sooo small, they are sooo cute, etc.

One of the best parts of having parents come to town is putting them to work! ;)
Saturday night, Mom and I took the girls out on their very first mall excursion - quite the rite of passage in the life of any baby girl, of course! Once again, Mom got the full-out twins-in-public experience. All I can say is that it's kind of like if there really were an Easter Bunny (not that there's not one, but you know what I mean), and if he came to town and escorted you to the mall. I'm not talking about walking around with the mall Easter Bunny, I'm talking about walking around with the actual Easter Bunny, were he to exist. People would probably stare at you, and you might not really know how to respond. When you're with the girls, you can hear everyone around you talking about them, sometimes to you and sometimes not, and it presents an interesting social dilemma. Do you acknowledge that the two women behind you are talking to each other and saying your girls are precious and look just like baby dolls? If so, how? It feels rude to ignore all the comments if they're not directly addressed to you, but then it also feels odd to walk around saying "thank you," "thank you!" the whole time, like you're on parade or something. And forget shopping! It's nearly impossible. With everyone you pass staring at you and your girls and talking either about or to you, it's really hard to concentrate on anything else. I mean it's fun, but the whole thing makes you feel equal parts proud and creeped out... if you can imagine! Usually I just wind up trying not to burst out laughing the whole time. I wanted Mom to see what it was like, and she agreed that it's really just bizarre. I also concluded that taking the twins out, for now at least, is still a two-man (or woman!) job. I can't imagine handling all the logistics of getting them in and out of car seats and strollers and such all by myself right now without losing at least one of them. So for the time being, there's nowhere I need to go so badly that it can't wait until someone else is able to go there with me.

A few episodes that stand out from our mall visit:
- I wanted to take pictures to record their first trip to the mall, but the whole thing was so circus-like what with escorting the Easter Bunn twins around that I did good to capture these two blurry ones:
Here are Mom and the girls visiting one of the friends I made at Motherhood Maternity back when I had to shop there in my prego state!

The girls, who managed to stay awake to take in everything around them the whole time. They were wearing little blue jeans, but we had them covered up in blankets since it was so chilly in the mall.
- The girls couldn't get enough of everything. I kind of expected them to fall asleep, like they do on most outings, but they were wide-eyed and taking it all in the whole time. They lasted pretty well, too - we were there about 45 minutes or so before they started telling us they were ready for naptime.
- At one point, a group of women for whom English was obviously not the first language even came up to us and asked us how old the girls were and what they weighed.
- One lady who was on the phone saw us walk by and said to whomever she was talking, "There are twins at the mall!!!"
- We did meet a sweet old man who loved seeing the girls.
- It never fails that, regardless of how girly they look or how much pink they're wearing, someone always asks whether they're boy-girl twins. Umm, seriously?!

Sadly for the girls, we did not leave the mall that day with anything directly for them. In fact, what we went for was actually quite boring, but very much reflective of our lives right now:
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer!! Can't have enough of this stuff, with the girlies around! 5 for $5, baby! Plus, their sweet grandparents brought them some precious dresses when they came to town, so it's not like they didn't get totally spoiled by their grandparents this weekend. And I just took full advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free Carter's sale online last week (must have been designed with twinnies in mind), so they'll be getting some new little outfits soon. (It was actually kind of fun picking out little clothes for them to wear, because ever since they've been wearing clothes, they've been wearing things that were given to us. Huge blessing for sure, but it will also be fun to select some little outfits for them myself! :)

By the way, I tried Tamsie in a 0-3 month outfit for the first time this morning just to see what would happen:
Surprisingly, it's not enormous!

We loved having my parents come visit. We also loved getting to see our friend Diana on Thursday night! She came and brought dinner, and it was so wonderful getting to catch up with her.

That's it for today's weekend update! I'll leave you with this sweet (but blurry) picture of Evie's cute little post-dinnertime smile:


  1. It amazes me how you can have a baby wearing all pink (or some sort of floral print) and covered with a pink blanket and STILL have someone ask if the baby is a boy or a girl. That's happened to us a few times, and I just want to say "really??" Yours are so obviously both girls! :)

  2. To be fair, there are still people alive who remember when pink was for boys and blue was for girls. I'm sure the people who ask are just trying to be polite :)

  3. Shelby...your outings did remind me of the ones when we first took out Kasey & Kara....honestly, the twin fascination really doesnt matter the age, especially if they are identical mirror yours and mine are. Your girls are absolutely adorable.....I am sure they are indeed the aapples of your Mom & dad's eyes.....and when the girls got to be 6-7 months old or so and you get tired of the ambush at the malls and stores....our reply would be.....Are they twins?? No, They are sisters.....and we would keep moving on otherwise we wouldnt get anything accomplished for always stopping to be polite to all these folks....*wink*