Thursday, March 1, 2012

A visit from my former roomdawg... plus fun with the twin roomdawgs!

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was a college girl who had the privilege of living with some of the most fun girls ever, including Jenny Kelley Duke. In fact, I lived with Jenny in some capacity or another for two and a half years - the longest this only child lived with anyone before marrying Chris! Sophomore year, when we just couldn't take life in the dreaded Perrin West any longer, we moved into Maddox (by far the most glamorous dorm on campus at the time) just in time for the start of the spring semester. This was a pretty big deal for sophomores, by the way! Jenny and Lea were roommates, and I shared a suite with them. Junior year, we kept our fabulous suite and Jane moved in with me. The following summer, Jane married Josh and Lea married Clint, so Jenny and I moved into a Caddo apartment together and proceeded to continue having the time of our lives. You can ask just about anyone - our apartment was the place to be! From crashing chandeliers to hosting birthday parties with just a few too many guests (and thus being sent to the dean's office), we pretty much had nonstop fun that year. I just texted Jenny and told her that her visit this week was just like old times - except that I have two babies now and she's pregnant with one too! :) 

Here is Tamsie the morning of Jenny's visit:
Now I can really relate to a girl like Tamsie. Here she is sleeping in as long as she possibly can. You can see that her sister has already been unwrapped from her swaddle blanket and taken out of her Nap Nanny. Evie's already up and ready to go, but that's not stopping Tamsie, who's just trying to catch a few more minutes of zzz's. She's definitely a girl after her mama's heart! :)

Unfortunately, the whole time Jenny was here, I only took a few pictures. I need to retrain myself to take pictures of people over the age of 5 months!
Here we are the night Jenny came to town! She has the cutest little baby bump! :) And I promise I DO have an arm - I guess it's behind my back.

Seeing the great sights of Louisville
I just can't tell you how much good it did my heart to see this girl.

These little baby roommates have also had a good time together lately... well, for the most part. Here they are playing with their portable mobile:

Evie's fist is in Tamsie's face for once!

As always, they're serious about having fun.

This portable mobile is no laughing matter.

Especially not for Evie.

Blurry, but Tamsie gets a giggle in once she's by herself.

Tamsie's little grin

Evie's little grin. (You should know that I found this wonderful stuff from Baby Bee that keeps their little heads moisturized, but that I'm still putting on way too much of it without meaning to. Until I get the amount just right, they both kind of look like they're sporting that horrid George Clooney-inspired style that guys used to wear all the time in middle school. Poor things.)

Good news! The mobile company sent us two new fully functioning mobiles. Here is Tamsie's immediate reaction.

Here's what she had to say about the whole thing: "Oooo! Ah-gooooo!"


It's official! She loves it!


You should know that it's currently hooked up to the coffee table so she can play in the living room where we are. I used to always say that kid stuff would never take over my house - well, all I can say to that now is HA! Chris is also in the background feeding the Evester.

I thought they should get their own little picture.

Sweet Evie looking oh-so-serious

Sharing their play mat

Evie deep in concentration during playtime
This coming weekend, the twins are once again going on tour to Memphis! I can't wait to be reunited with this girl:
My dear old Rachie-Face, who will be in town from Clarksville!!!!!!!
AND this girl (and precious son Pierce, who is now 3 and a half!):
Jennifer, who will be in town from the great city of Youngsville, NC!
AND this girl, her husband, and her NEW BABY who was born last night!!!!! I'm dying of excitement over here!!!!! I was totally in suspense all day yesterday and the night before, and now I can't believe he's here, and I really can't wait to hold him! :)
I'm also fully expecting to see this girl:
Ever since Meli moved back from Pittsburgh, I try to take full advantage of that every time I'm back in town! :) Who knows, Cookie Night may even strike!

Well, that's all for now, folks. Expect a Twins on Tour 2012: Part 2 post when I return. Have a wonderful weekend, y'all! :)

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  1. The most stunning photo of me ever committed to pixels. I'll never forget my grandpa's look of shame when he saw it.