Saturday, March 3, 2012

Change in Plans

While our weekend plans certainly didn't involve hunkering down in the basement Friday afternoon, that's exactly where we found ourselves. 

I'd been seeing stormageddon-style weather predictions all week long about storms on Friday, but I didn't put that together with going home to Memphis until Thursday afternoon. Then Chris and I decided to leave as soon as possible in order to avoid driving through storms with two babies aboard. (You should know I have an unhealthy[?] fear of driving in storms after driving through Hurricane Elvis in '03. Chris also drove through Hurricane Katrina two years later, so luckily I'm not alone in my fear.) However, we wanted to make sure that we didn't catch a first round of storms toward the end of our trip, so I called my dad to see when bad weather was expected to hit Memphis, and he revealed some very sad news:

Mom was sick. He wasn't kidding. She really sounds like a frog right now, poor Mom!

We couldn't risk bringing the girls around sick germs, so we had to forgo the fun trip we had planned and stay around the 'Ville for the weekend. I think it turned out for the best, considering the crazy weather that came yesterday. Fortunately we were able to stay put in the basement during the tornado warnings, and everything around where we are was perfectly fine.

 So today we've enjoyed a nice balance of being lazy and getting some errands done.
Tamsie fell asleep in my arms in one of her favorite naptime poses. It always looks a bit like an 80s dance move to me!

After she woke up this morning, it wasn't long before Evie was back to napping again!
 Although I was quite bummed about missing out on all the fun planned in Memphis, we're hoping to make a trip next weekend if Mom is feeling better and very much non-contagious by then.
Now that she's big enough to wear 0-3 month sizes, this is Evie's new favorite outfit! She thinks the collar is actually a built-in chew toy! The little bow is constantly wet.

Tamsie, ever the better sleeper of the two, took advantage of errand time to sneak in a little nap.

This is so typical - Tamsie sleeping and Evie chewing whatever she can find.

My favorite moment of today's excursion: We were at Pottery Barn Kids, and a little guy there said to his mom, "Look, Mom, they're real! Those babies are real!" Her reply? "Shhh,  I know!" I don't know what's funnier: the fact that he was impressed that they were real, or the fact that he apparently thought it was entirely within the realm of reason that people like Chris and me would push a stroller full of dolls around the store!

I can rarely capture the blue-ness of Evie's eyes with my iPhone, but I think I came pretty close in this picture, even though it's blurry.

That's my Evester!

Tamsie enjoyed playing with her doll while watching her mobile once we got home... right before she had a colossal tired-fest meltdown!
All in all, we've had some good family time today. Getting out with the twins is hard work, but we always wind up having lots of fun once we take the plunge! ;)

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