Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flashback to showers

I've been organizing some old photos on my computer and found some great ones from my baby showers, and I thought they belonged on the blog! 

Back in July, I had my first baby shower at Mrs. Donna Ferrell's house in Bartlett. Chris and I were planning to come to town that weekend for a surprise party for Roy's 30th birthday. About a week and a half before we were to leave, I mentioned to Mom that this trip to Memphis would probably be my last before having the girls, since traveling was becoming pretty difficult and I didn't want to be too far away from my doctor. She mentioned that to Mrs. Donna, who generously offered to host an amazing shower for me despite the last-minute-ness of it all! It would have been a perfect shower had she had lots of time to prepare, but it's even more impressive that she pulled all of this off with such short notice!

Mrs. DeeDee, me, Mom, and Grandma... with the spread and the diaper cake!

I love these ladies!!!

What's funny is that I felt HUGE at the time... little did I know how big I'd get! 

Mother-in-law and sister-in-law, who will soon be the guest of honor at her own (bridal) showers since she is now engaged!!

That lovely lady in the blue now has a daughter of her own! Wow, I have waited a while to post these! :)

The food was fabulous, something a pregnant lady especially appreciates!
Red eyes in this picture, so I made it black and white! :) Catching up with JJ, something I never get to do nearly enough.

Shower games

I was trying to play too, but I was pretty distracted just taking it all in.

Present time! The girls are loving putting that Bumbo tray to use these days!

These ladies are so much fun, and it meant so much to me that they were all able to make it!

Anna Grace was my helper.

She helped bring presents, throw away wrapping paper, open really big gifts... you name it, she helped with it! :)

That girl in the black has also had a little boy since this picture was taken! I pulled her aside during the shower to see her little bitty baby belly! :)

Gift time, I'm sure

I found out I was having girls just a couple of days before the shower, so I had run out and frantically started some registries. At the time, I had felt really weak and tired, so I wound up registering for some crazy stuff... including some boy stuff! I'm hoping at least someone got a laugh out of my preggo-brain-induced craziness!

Diaper wreath! We just finished off the last of these diapers! (And by "we," I mean T & E, of course! ha!)

Chatting with none other than Meli Mac!

In late September, I thought I had a work meeting at Huntington on a Friday night, but it turned out to be a surprise baby shower for me!
Everyone was so sweet, and I was so impressed they took time out to make it there on a Friday night!

Vickie did a terrific job planning everything! She's from England, so she taught us some English terms for baby stuff that I had never before heard. Who knew that cribs are cots and pacis are dummies? A lot of this info came in handy when I read The Baby Whisperer, which is written by a British lady.

I miss my old work buddies. Maybe sometime soon I can bring T & E up for a visit!
Some sweet Louisville friends had planned a shower for October 22 back when we knew the girls were due Christmas Eve but more likely to arrive around December 5. I remember my friend Tiffany was joking that she hoped the babies wouldn't be here by the time of the shower... so imagine our surprise when they actually were! At the time of the shower, the girls were 11 days old and obviously still in the NICU, but we were able to show off pictures of them that Tiffany had come and taken. Instead of guessing what color their hair would be or what their due date would be, one of the games we played had everyone guessing how big they were in relation to various objects around the house. It was certainly not the typical baby shower, but it was a blast, and it was really good for me to see some friends at that time!
The shower had an owl theme, which was so fitting for October and for the girls' room decor, which features owls!

Tiffany made these gorgeous tutus for them!

My friend Kelli

Rachael, who now lives in Collierville and is missed very much, with Chrissie, whose baby girl Sophia was about the age then that ours are now developmentally

Sweet friends Melissa and Kristen

Jessica and Tiffani... love them!

Lindsey and Kristy!

Monica, who was still in the 'Ville at the time and is now also missed very much!

Emily... ahhh, I'm missing so many of these people that I never get to see any more!

Mom and me and some crazy hair... I know I had just had babies 11 days earlier, but is that any excuse? haha!

Look how pretty everything was! Tiffany painted that gorgeous canvas for us, and it is now in the girls' room!

Lots of sweet gifts

I can't remember who gave me this bag, but whoever you are, you should know that I used it to tote stuff back and forth to the NICU on a regular basis.

It did my heart so much good to see these girls... as it always does!

A coat for a twin! They look like little snowmen when they wear these!

Guess which ball was about the size of the girls' heads at the time?

Guess which doll was about the size of the girls?
I feel so incredibly blessed to have such dear friends who threw and showed up at such fabulous showers for me! Tamsie, Evie, Chris, and I really appreciate your sweetness! :)

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