Monday, March 5, 2012

Since I (clearly) don't take enough pictures of the girls....

I would apologize for just doing a post with a bunch of cute pictures, but I guess it is my blog and I'm a little obsessed. So if you find such posts boring, feel free to skip today's! :)

Plus, if the numbers on Blogger are accurate, there are enough of you out there reading these things that it's not a total waste of time! I'm really quite shocked at the numbers, honestly. OK, enough with the intro, on with the fun!
This is what they wore to church Sunday. Tamsie looks like she has a question.
And there is a camera cord in the picture. I fear I will never be a good photographer! At least I always have Melissa! ;)
OK, so this series might be a little out of control, but I love that when I sit them next to each other, they start playing footsie. All of these pictures were taken in rapid succession. The girls couldn't stop the madness! This is yet another thing they would do during ultrasounds too! 
Notice how Tamsie likes to keep her feet on top! Not that she's domineering or anything....

... but she might wind up being the bossy one someday!

I like how those toes are all spread out!

Evie with her hand in her mouth. She is loving that hand of hers right now! They've also been putting their hands together and playing with them a lot lately.

Tamsie and her generous jowls AKA chubby cheeks! :)

Tamsie looks miffed here. Don't be misled, though - the girl laughs a LOT these days!!
I loooove these girls!!! They're my little baby dolls! :)
Tamsie was fed up with the photo session at this point (rightfully so - I couldn't stop taking pictures) and started kicking Evie's belly. 
Sophie the Giraffe came to live with us this weekend, and Tamsie can't get enough of her!
Bite that giraffe, woman!

I was about to say that Sophie feels very well-loved, but then again, this doesn't seem like loving behavior on T's part.... 
Nothing like a good giraffe ear to bite on!
Changing diapers isn't nearly as bad as I feared it would be. Especially when the baby is this sweet.
Typical Tamsie mouth

This one made it because I'm trying to show off those chubby thighs! :)

Chris and Tamsie Skyping with YaYa, with Evie asleep in the background

This morning Evie kept turning around to look at Tamsie in her swing, as she went backwards...

and forwards!
We had to take Tamsie to the doctor this afternoon, because she keeps crying about 5 or 10 minutes into her feed a couple of times a day and we can't figure out why - definitely a phase I can't wait for her to outgrow! The doctor said everything looks fine, so we're trying a faster-flow nipple on her bottle. If that doesn't work, we'll split her Prevacid dose in half and give it to her twice a day. Here Chris was playing with her while waiting on the doctor.

Evie provided fantastic support to her sister by sleeping soundly through all of Tamsie's cries.

Tamsie was fascinated with my iPhone!

We also found out today that Evie weighs 9 lbs 3 oz, and Tamsie is 9 lbs 9 oz!! :)   

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