Sunday, March 18, 2012

Laughing Little Ladies

I'm the sort of person who really needs no encouragement at all to go around the house singing songs on a regular basis. So once I learned how much babies love hearing singing and how good it is for them, there's basically been no stopping me. In fact, nowadays they regularly hear such masterpieces as:

- "Mama's Little Baby Loves Ceiling Fans"
- "Evie Girl and Tamsie Pearl"
- "Time To Change Your Diaper"
- "Beautiful Babies Smiling at Me"
- "My Little Ava Goes, 'Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!'"

... among many others, including some that are actually legitimate songs! So it really wasn't anything out of the ordinary when I spontaneously broke out into "Left Leg Up, Right Leg Up, Both Legs Up" when I was playing with Evie the other day. One of my favorite things about the girls right now is their silly little senses of humor that are starting to show up. Well, after I had kicked Evie's right leg up and then her left leg, I kicked them both up at the same time... and she burst out in giggles! It completely took me by surprise, because, believe it or not, I was actually not consciously trying to make her laugh by singing that song. Now, any time I sing that song to both girls, they laugh and squeal with delight.

Then when I was feeding Tamsie the other day, I had been talking to her the whole time. (This is something I've been doing a lot of lately with her feeding phobia that has been brought on by reflux issues - I talk to her to soothe her so she keeps taking down her milk. It's a process I recently likened to charming a snake. Sometimes when I stop talking, she panics and refuses to take any more.) Well, after a while I got in a silly voice and said, "Do you want to burp?"... and once again, she burst out laughing - catching me by surprise!

One more little such story: Evie woke up in a rage a few nights ago about 15 minutes after she had fallen asleep. Little girl would not stop screaming, and we could not figure out why. Then I took her to her diaper changing table and started kissing her belly - something that usually makes her laugh - and sure enough, the crying turned to laughter! It reminded me of when my mom would fuss at me when I had done something wrong growing up, and then I'd make her laugh right in the middle of her rant... which, of course, never went over well - although it was very funny (to me) at the time! :)

Well it's once again time to clear off some photos from the old iPhone... here goes!

Evie is wearing an outfit from her grandma! Obvi, the "somebunny" her shirt is referring to is none other than Grandma herself, who for various reasons is known as Rabbit in certain circles. 

Tamsie models another outfit from Grandma. Her hand and legs are blurry because she was kicking them everywhere at the time.

If you're not familiar with Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles (as I certainly had no clue what they were this time last year), this picture won't mean anything to you. But if you do know anything about them, you'll probably agree with me that Tamsie's swaddling days are sadly numbered. The girl has developed the ability to wrangle her way out of them. 

Who's who? At least I'll always know the difference, even if no one else does!

Tummy time with Tamsie now features this interesting move every time. It debuted sometime last week, and it has made an appearance ever since. Chris calls it the Beached Whale.

When she tries to fall asleep, Tamsie puts her hand behind her head like this and moves it around like she's brushing her hair. In fact, when she's awake and she puts that hand back there, you know it's only a matter of minutes before she's out.

Yesterday we introduced them to their pack 'n' play. They took to it immediately: here Evie naps while Tamsie contemplates napping.

And now Tamsie is well on her way to dreamland, thanks to a little help from the Wubbanub!

Could she be any more comfortable? (said like Chandler, of course! Not sure why we're referencing Friends here, but it works, right?)

One costume change later, and Tamsie is also out... hand behind head.

These are some gorgeous dresses their YaYa ordered them. The girls wore them to church this morning.

When we got home, it was almost time for them to eat... but I didn't want them eating in their dresses... but I wanted pictures of them in their dresses... so this is what wound up happening!

Evie looks all sweet and innocent here. Don't believe it.

Tamsie is discovering no milk is to be had from sucking on her dress.

But it's still apparently a very fun thing to do.

Loving Evie's expression here

Trying harder than ever to bite their dresses... this is why I think it won't be long before they're teething!

Now that Mom has intervened, you can see their pretty dresses... but Tamsie is sad she's not biting hers anymore!

I tried to take some nice pictures of them in their chair, but alas... it was too close to lunch time!

Post-lunch Sunday restfest!

Since I'm the sort of inept mother who didn't think to get St. Patrick's Day outfits for the girls that I could then feature on the blog today, I'll leave you with the next-best thing: "St. Patrick's Day," by John Mayer.

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  1. They are just too sweet! I make up songs for Char all the time, too, equally as brilliant (one goes, "I've got your toes, I've got your toes, I've got your toes, hey hey hey!").