Thursday, March 8, 2012

That's what twins are for!

Here are some more pictures showcasing random aspects of what life is like with the girls lately. 

First off, they are enjoying being read to more and more lately. Last night Chris broke out a favorite book his mom used to read to him when he was little, Love You Forever, and read it to the girls. They like hearing us read to them, and they love looking at the pictures. They also love falling asleep during storytime, as Tamsie is all too happy to demonstrate in this picture! I also love how Evie is using Chris's arm as an arm rest. Also, notice how short their sleeves are! They are outgrowing a bunch of their newborn clothes! 
Evie likes to fall asleep with two of her favorite things close by: the taggie in her arm, snuggled up next to her face, and Sophie in her mouth! She is quite the posh baby - both are from Europe!

Playtime is becoming more and more fun around the Vafi house as the girls learn to enjoy old favorite toys on new levels. For example, they've never had anything against their stuffed animals, but now they are really starting to play with them and move them around. Cousin Chris gave them these jingle bell lambs, and they can't get enough of them right now! As a side note, check out how much Evie looks like a little Greek baby in this picture! Her daddy should be proud! ;)

Here's another example of new applications for toys they've had for a while. Evie is grabbing onto her little dangly house on her play mat and pulling it to her mouth. This is the sort of thing that just started happening this week.

They're also noticing each other more and more. Tamsie is trying to see what Evie's up to here...

... and here she's fully engrossed, tongue out and everything! (Evie is also getting more out of control with that little house!)

Here Evie is staring intently at Tamsie...

... while chewing those fists! Of course, who knows? Maybe they've been noticing each other for weeks now and making fun of us nightly while we sleep, from the comfort of their Nap Nannies!
They're also laughing a lot these days, and I love it!! If you do something silly to make Tamsie laugh, she will generally look at you with a concerned face while you're doing it. Then if you start laughing, she'll take a second and then burst out laughing herself - almost as if she's realizing, "Oh, I get it! This is supposed to be funny!" It's so cute.

Back when I was growing up, I used to marvel at my babysitter's ability to laugh without smiling. Of course, looking back on it now, it's probably because I wasn't nearly as funny as I thought I was at the time, and she was just humoring me! Maybe my girls feel the same way, because I keep catching them laughing without smiling - although usually they flash great big smiles when they laugh! :)

In other news, barring any random tornadoes or diseases, we are making the Memphis trip this weekend! I can't wait to meet Baby Cliff Algea and Baby McKenzie Edge - who is scheduled to make her first big appearance in the world tomorrow! I can't wait!!!

Well I am off to enjoy my last few seconds of freedom (AKA their naptime!) before they wake up and the next feeding frenzy begins!

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  1. Oh my goodness, they are so cute! It's so fun when babies start moving around and really interacting with the world.