Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twins on Tour 2012: Baby Edition!

This past weekend, we finally made it back to Memphis! It was truly fabulous and very much-needed, especially after the situation we've been going through with the girls and their reflux. (Yes, that is plural - Evie has joined in on the fun as well.) When times get tough, sometimes you just need your mama!! After living away from family this entire time, we have truly come to appreciate help when we can get it. Not only was it nice to have help, but it was also wonderful to get to see some of our very best friends in the world and meet some new babies! Here are some photos from my iPhone that tell the story of our weekend trip:

Saturday morning, my dad enjoyed introducing the girls to some classic Beatles. 

YaYa got to come to town from Jackson, MS, to see the girls! They were so happy to see her that Evie wriggled right out of her bow! ;)

We were also able to spend time with Jennifer and Tyler too. Here, Tamsie is loving the attention from Aunt Jennifer, who just adores her!

Saturday morning I could wait no longer to meet Cliff, so Mom and I stopped by Carissa and Roy's for a quick visit. I am officially in love!

Look at that sweet face and those big blue eyes!!!

Here is Cliff sporting a Roy face. He looks just like his daddy, but I can definitely see lots of Carissa in him too!

Close-up of his furrowed brow... and check out those big man hands of his!

When we got back to my parents' house after visiting with Carissa and Cliff, we got a visit from Jennifer, Brian and Pierce! Jennifer and I go way back to early elementary school (kindergarten or 3rd grade, depending on how you count it) and she is one of the best friends I could ever ask for. We've been through it all together, and she's seen me through all sorts of crazy phases and loves me anyway! These characters live in North Carolina, where she and Brian attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, so we hardly ever get to see each other. I'm so thankful they were able to meet the girls! She is expecting a second little boy this spring and sporting a way cute bump!

Here is Pierce, the soon-to-be big brother. And I do mean BIG! He is so smart and fun, and I just loved getting to see him! Jen was all slated to be my matron of honor back in June 2008 when I got married, but she couldn't make it because she was busy recovering from having Mr. Pierce... and now just look how big he is!

Another old classic friend, Melissa, was able to drop by Saturday night and hang out with the girls. I know this is a dark picture, but I just love their faces here.

A little bit brighter now!
It was so grand getting to hang out with Meli Mac. She had me laughing til I cried!

My twinnies hanging out on one of my old blankets from back in the day.

The requisite "Tamsie's arm in Evie's face" pic... no collection is complete without it! Evie is such a good sport!

Also the requisite "random 80s dance move" pic... representing the great decade when their mama was born!

So chill... rockin' their skinny jeans!
Sunday we went to our home church. Even though we were once again shamefully late, it was great getting to be there and see so many dear people who love us and pray for us. My dad took this picture. After church we had lunch at my Grandma's house and got to hang out there for a while.
Sunday afternoon while Mom and I were running errands together, Dad and Chris had the girls laughing. This is another picture Dad took.
Later Sunday afternoon we got to go meet McKenzie at Matt and Sara's once Sara was discharged from the hospital. I am such a goon that I was living in the moment and failed to take a picture, so I'm totally ripping this one off Sara's facebook page. The girls were thrilled to meet their future BFF, and they showed their love for her by... sleeping. Well, Evie did. Tamsie got up at one point and tested out her mobile for a minute! ;)

After that, we went over for dinner with Carissa, Roy and Cliff... Memphis Pizza Cafe, of course! Here, Evie couldn't get enough of watching Cliff!

Carissa, me, and the babes: I'm holding Cliff, and Tamsie's on the left with Evie on the right.

Time to go home: Tamsie falls asleep in her trademark position: tongue out, head tilted to the side

I couldn't resist this close-up! 

One of the times we stopped to feed. Evie was ready to take down some food!

I had her giggling!

Happy face!

Sweet little Evie smile!
... aaaand she's done.

Tamsie is usually ready to get right back on the road as soon as possible when we stop, and she makes no secret of her feelings.

That tongue! Cracks me up every time.

This is how she entertains herself on road trips... well, that and falling asleep.

Evie was nervous we wouldn't get home in time for the Bachelor finale. (We did. And what a terrible finale it was! All I can say is that he got what he deserved!)

Evie travels in style.

We're not sure if it's a good thing that Tamsie likes to keep her head over to the side so much, so we rolled up her spare outfit from the diaper bag and used it to help prop her head up. It was one of those moments where you don't even realize the humor in it until you stop and think about it - and then we couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous she looked! That's me snapping the picture!

Of course, Tamsie saw no humor in it at all!
I'm not gonna lie, we've been pretty homesick these days. It's really hard being away from everyone up here, but we are so glad we were able to get back and see some of the people we miss so much this past weekend. Our weekends in Memphis are such whirlwinds, and we still have more people to see that we haven't gotten to see yet. There are always more things to do than I have time to do when we're in town. (I mean we didn't even make it to Ben & Jerry's this time, if that tells you anything!) But on the whole, we had a wonderful trip, and it did us so much good to get away for the weekend!

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