Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bridal Shower for the Sis-in-Law

I've noticed a certain bizarre thing that has happened to my brain since I've become a parent: it's like I'm never subconsciously too far removed from "entertain-the-baby" mode. Like, even though the girls have gone to bed, I just heard a train go by and instinctively said, "Choo Choo!" -- then looked over at Chris, who was looking at me like I was slightly bananas. (But bless his heart -- he was looking at me like I was ONLY slightly bananas!) 

Sometimes I'll be talking on the phone in the same room where the monitor is, and I can hear their lullabies in the background -- and I'll catch myself swaying to them, like I would do were I trying to soothe a baby down to sleep. Except the babies are asleep, and I'm holding a phone -- not a baby. 

And then I smile and think of how far I've come since this time last year. For example, we had just brought the girls home from the hospital (because that happened exactly one year ago today), and for some reason -- my memory of that time is so fuzzy that I can't remember why -- I had to wait three days before Mom was able to come up to Louisville and help us with the girls. I was running on pretty much the single most severe sleep deficit of my lifetime, and the whole time I kept thinking that everything would be fine as soon as Mom got there -- if I could only make it 72ish hours with just Chris and me and the girls. At some point during that crazy window of time, I woke myself up in the morning by quite literally screaming for my mama, as if she were right down the hall. Alas, of course she was still in Memphis! So yes, folks, progress. Progress is happening. ;)

Here's one of Jennifer and Tyler's engagement photos by Jana that I stole from Facebook! I love how their pictures look so timeless and classic.
Speaking of progress, my sis-in-law Jennifer (Chris's sister) is getting married super soon, and everything is coming together so well! Last night at our house we hosted a bridal shower for her and Tyler. I truly wish I had more and better pictures to show for it, but I couldn't find my actual camera anywhere last night, and we all know iPhones aren't known for their nighttime picture-taking abilities. We had to have the shower on a Thursday night because we wanted to be sure to plan it for a time when Mrs. Dee Dee would be able to make it, and she was already planning a trip to town.  

Going through pictures for this post, I just had to include this one of Evie's fwoofy hair. Of the two of them, Tamsie's hair is generally nice and neat, but try as I may, Evie's is just always doing something random. Here she is on Wednesday showing off her fwoofiness at the doctor's office, where she was diagnosed with her first ear infection ever. In both ears. Ugh!! I'm so ready for my poor girl to feel better! Now she has also broken out in hives because she's allergic to the medicine they prescribed her! On that note, pre-kids I had no idea how exhausting it can be to care for one sick baby and another who wants extra attention because her sister's getting extra attention. But when I get completely zombie-like, I remember something Jean Stockdale said in our Moms Bible study at church: that if we're not exhausted, we're not doing something right, and that we should wear our tiredness as a badge of honor! YES! :) 
Mrs. Dee Dee's dear friend Ms. Cathy had Jennifer and Tyler's wedding invitation framed and displayed on our side table, along with some gorgeous flowers, the guest book, and a photo of the soon-to-be newlyweds! To the left is the recipe book that most of the guests contributed to.

A closer-up photo of the invitation... isn't it beautiful?

Looking down the entry hall

Poinsettias all around the table in the entry hall... like I said before, iPhone photography at night isn't the greatest, but it's better than nothing! :)
The spread, which included homemade truffles from Ms. Cathy, cheese souffles, a cheese and jam ring with crackers, petits fours from La Baguette, spanakopita and tzatziki sauce, nuts, chocolate-covered pecans... I'm probably leaving something out, but everything was delicious!

The happy couple!

Random snapshot - I love that Jennifer is holding Tamsie!

Mints from Dinstuhl's (plus a rogue cashew) - wedding bells and high heels!
Our mantle, part 1: Here's the canvas and the burlap bags I made at a Pinterest craft party with some girls from our Sunday School class. There's one bag for Tamsie and one for Evie, and these hang by our stockings so that they can learn the importance of giving instead of just getting at Christmas. Of course, I don't think a lot of learning in that regard is going to happen this year, but it will be so neat to have in the future!

Mantle, part 2: Rudolph and a sleigh. I don't know anything about Rudolph's origins, but he is one seriously retro reindeer that lived at my Grandma's house the whole time I was growing up. He was by far my favorite part of the Christmas decor at her house each year, so when I got married, she gave him to me so he could be a part of Christmas at our home each year. She also handmade several identical copies of Rudolph for her own house, all of whom pull a sleigh with Santa and Mrs. Claus on top of Grandma's china cabinet each Christmas. She is so creative and extremely talented!!!

Tree at night, a la Instagram. Yes, I know that someday we'll all look back and get a good laugh at Instagram's expense, but I secretly (or not-so-secretly?) am currently loving it!

Mantle, part 3, with poinsettias left over from the shower. I'm so happy to have a mantle again! Our house in Louisville didn't have one.
Close-up of stockings. A family friend made my stocking back before my first Christmas, and my Grandma surprised me my first Christmas after my wedding by giving us a similar stocking for Chris that she had made. Once the girls came, she sewed them a set of coordinating stockings. That woman amazes me! :)
 There is so much to do today, so I'd better get to it. If you're in the Bartlett area, you should come to the Christmas parade! My celebrity dad :) and I will be emceeing it again this year, upholding a decades-old tradition... yay! ;) Of course you'll quickly be able to tell who the professional is, but I'm always honored that he lets me help him out!

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