Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decking the Halls

If you're coming over from Kelly's Korner, welcome! :)
I've already posted some about our Christmas decorations here, but today I'm sharing some that I didn't get around to then! 

So one day I would LOVE to have three Christmas trees: the traditional sentimental tree, one tree on which I can unleash my artistic skills and have fun decorating however I'd like, and one pink tree for the girls' room that they will be in charge of decorating as they get older. But for now, Christmas decorations find their way to the very bottom of the budget. There are just WAY too many other expenses at Christmastime to spend too much on decorating -- ESPECIALLY now that we have twins -- so we just work with what we have! And while I'm hoping to go post-Christmas shopping this year to upgrade some of our decor, I'm really happy with everything how it is this year. There's so much meaning behind it all, and that's what makes it so special to us!

**EDIT: Make that four trees! Ha! Just read about this Jesse tree idea and it sounds fabulous for when the girls are a little older! I love the idea of teaching them all about the context of the Savior's birth, starting with creation!!
Each year, I make a point to get our tree at least one new ornament. Here is this year's, celebrating our new house! Also, our tree has all different colored lights, because that's what I grew up with -- and I am totally sentimental, in case you haven't picked up on that already! :) 

Each year while I was growing up, Mom would let me pick out one special ornament. Once I was married and had a house of my own, she sent me all of those ornaments I picked out along the way for my tree! Here are some ballet shoes from the year I went on pointe.

Chris's mom saved a bunch of his old ornaments for him too, and here they are hanging on the Chris section of the tree!

Carissa gave me this beautiful bird for our tree a few years ago!

I was about to caption this "because I love monograms."... but who doesn't love monograms? :)

Our 2008 ornament... now surrounded by baby shoe ornaments!

Tamsie and Evie's section of the tree

My Grandma gave these little baby shoe ornaments to us last year.. aren't they precious?! :)

Tri Chi represent!! (Kelly's fans know that she was a Tri Chi too... about 10 years before I became one... more proof of the awesomeness of Tri Chi sisters! :)

The snowman was a gift from my 1st grade best friend, Jessica Becker, who moved to Ohio in 3rd grade. When I hang this on the tree every year, I say a prayer for her. I have no idea where she is now or what she's up to, but I hope she's doing great!! :) By the way, I showed Tamsie this ornament today, and it made her laugh, because the snowman's arms and legs move when you pull the string! Also, the round ornament is a Bartlett ornament. My sweet Grandma has been collecting these for me each year since they started making them, since Bartlett is my hometown. She is beyond precious.

Ornaments I picked out in 1986 and 1992... haha! They're on the back of the tree, but they're still showing up each year!

My Nutcracker scene, which is sitting on top of the piano this year. Mom got this for me sometime in middle school, the same year I gave one to my BFF Jennifer, who was Clara in Ballet Memphis's production of the Nutcracker. So now both of us have one of these! 

Martha Stewart may not approve of this aspect of my decor, but these little reindeer are special to me. I played with them every Christmas when I was little, and T and E love to reach for them now! :)

Don't worry -- Chris has also contributed his share of cheesiness to our decor. This was him in his slightly less glamourous days.

So I said earlier that the reason I love our decorations is that they all have meaning. Here's one example of what I'm talking about. I found this ornament our first Christmas of our married life, and I HAD to get it because it just looked to me like the Christmas version of the drummer on the Modest Mouse "Float On" video. This song has a special role in our relationship, oddly enough. Back early, EARLY on, when we were hanging out with some friends after having only been on one date together, the song "Float On" came on. It was a current song at the time, and my friends at school knew I had this goofy, CRAZY dance I would do to this song whenever it came on. I started telling my friends that night about my crazy dance, so of course they were all like, "DO IT!" Now you have to understand that typically, historically, when I first was getting to know a guy I liked, I would keep my goofy side tightly under wraps, so as not to scare him off - ha! But that night, I really didn't care anymore. If he couldn't handle it, he couldn't handle it, so I just went for it and did my dance there in front of everyone... and believe it or not, he claims that it made him like me even more! :) To this day, my dear friend Rachel, who was there that night, still can't believe I went for it. So this ornament is just a reminder of that night and how I was able to let my guard down around him so early on and just be my crazy old self.

Gigi, my mom's best buddy who is also like an aunt to me, gave me these ornaments (also on top of the piano), each of which depict a scene from Phantom of the Opera, one of my favorite musicals of all time! Of course, the girls love them since they light up and play music. These ornaments were even a hit last year with the girls, as little as they were then!

This old family Bible is always on display somewhere or another in our living room. I just opened it up to the nativity paintings for the season, and I think it looks pretty sitting out on our little side table!
Thanks so much for stopping by, and Merry Christmas to you!


  1. Thanks for posting a link to the Jesse Tree. I am trying to find a meaningful way to do Advent next year and I love this idea. My kids are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 so next year would be a perfect year to start them on this!

    And I love all the stories of your ornaments.

  2. Thanks so much!! I thought the Jesse Tree was a fabulous idea too. I had never heard about it before today, but a lady from my church linked to this blog on Facebook this morning and I thought it was such a neat tradition to start with the girls when they're a little bigger! :)