Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Promised Normal Post

Here's a glimpse of life at the Vafi house over the past few days:

A changing table drawer full of diapers ready to go! It's the little things, y'all.
(Chris saw this picture and asked why in the world this was making it onto the blog, and I just told him that was just how happy I was to have remembered to restock the drawer! It's a dreadful thing to be mid-change and to reach for a new diaper -- all to discover that all the new diapers are still in a box in the closet across the room and NOT in the drawer! ARGH!!!)  
Helping each other out for once. Usually when they're both playing with the same toy, one of them is in tears! Ha!

So we're thinking Tamsie is going to be the class clown one day. Exhibit A: Paci in mouth backwards. This actually happens all the time! ALL the time!
OK, it's blurry, but it's sweet. 

Exhibit B: One jingle sock in each hand and the third in her mouth, and thus Tamsie entertained herself for most of playtime that day!

Not sure if you can tell here, but now she has attached a jingle sock to another toy, which is in her mouth. 

A jingle sock on each foot, and another in her mouth. Fun times, y'all, apparently.

Meanwhile, Evangelyn helped herself into her box of toys.

Tamsie across the play yard, walking around in her jingle socks....

... with the one still in her mouth. It must be MUCH more fun than it looks! Ha!

Evie in box. At one point they had both gotten into the box and were giggling nonstop, but alas - my phone was nowhere to be found when that happened.

Sister moment.

Tamsie at her Great-Grandma's after church on Sunday... watching a little moving Christmas doll that my Grandma has. By the way, that is, I'm sad to report, NOT Christmas magic that you see swirling all around Tamsie in this picture. I think it was the light from the tree bouncing off the phone - ha!

She was fascinated!
She also loved the rocking chair the doll was sitting in. We put her in there and let her rock, but the pictures came out way too blurry to share -- and you should know that's really saying something, since I'm not above sharing blurry pictures on here! :)

Talking to the doll

Tamsie smiling behind her paci

I love these little faces!

Sometimes I lay them next to each other in their cribs and just start taking pictures to see what I can get.

So blessed to get to be with these sweet girls every day!

The other day we accidentally discovered that saying "Opa!" in a Greek accent really makes them laugh. And yes, I know that says something about how crazy we are around this house. Now the girls are saying "Opa!" all the time in little baby Greek accents. I'm sure the nursery workers will be impressed! ha! (I share this story because I'm 99% sure that saying "Opa!" was what got them to laugh right here.)


And more giggles! Twins are the BEST, y'all! :)


  1. I love the pics of your girls! You are blessed! :)

    1. Thanks so much!! I love reading your blog! :) Praying that you keep feeling better and better!