Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Staircase Mishaps and Other Tales

Yesterday I learned a very important lesson: Never get too complacent about going down the stairs. Never think it's a good idea to balance a baby in your arms and try to entertain her with a toy while navigating a staircase in big floppy socks. It likely won't end well. 

This is precisely what I was doing yesterday when I somehow landed on the floor at the bottom of the staircase. I couldn't tell you exactly how it happened, because as soon as I was aware that anything bad was happening, the only thing my brain could process was the need to protect Tamsie at any cost. Thankfully, Tamsie made it OK without so much as a whimper. However, I am left with what I can honestly say is the biggest bruise I've ever had, and I do have one storied history of bad bruises. Plus, there's so much swelling that I'm having flashbacks to my postpartum state, and when I see myself from the side it appears that I have an altogether different body type than the one with which I woke up yesterday morning. 

Now I'm no stranger to staircase falls, unfortunately. In fact, back during what was one of the two most awkward years of my life, 9th grade (8th is the other, if you're curious), it actually became kind of a routine thing for me at school -- and generally (sadly) in the presence of whomever I considered to be among the cutest guys BHS had to offer, to boot. A few years ago I even fell down some concrete stairs when I was helping out with church camp. But none of these injuries remotely compares to the one I have now -- and I'm guessing it's because my maternal instinct thankfully kicked in, so that I wasn't really that concerned about what happened to me as long as Tamsie was OK. And truly, I'm just happy she is! :) 

So, if you're a mama, consider this a PSA. Consider yourself warned. Overconfidence and staircases do not mix! On to happier things. :)

Tamsie and her Grandma at my Grandma's house after church Sunday afternoon. Tamsie is currently obsessed with all things dog, particularly the noises they make, so I dressed her in this little puppy dog dress.

Posing. This dress is a 12-month size. The old girl is growing up!

Evie was wearning her ballerina dress (also 12 months!).

"Stick out your tongue, Tamsie!" = one of her favorite new tricks

Evie laugh

Look who can't keep her shoes and socks on!!

TAMSIE IS OFFICIALLY A WALKER. It's true. She's been playing around with the whole notion for a while, but now she is truly walking all the time. I am told I started walking around this age too, except I wasn't even a preemie!

Evie's not quite there yet, but she's working on her fine motor skills (and Tamsie's not as much). She has mastered the stacking rings, among other new talents!
Well, the parade was cancelled Saturday night due to the weather, so I didn't get to announce everything with my Dad after all. :( But tonight, Chris is going to be putting the girls to bed without my help, because I'm off to see The Singing Christmas Tree! YAY! My mom and dad will be here to assist, so don't feel too bad for  him! ;) If all goes well, I'll be posting again tomorrow, because it will be their 14-month birthday!!!!!

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  1. I remember when we moved into our home years ago my wife took a spill down the stairs with the baby. The little one was fine but my wife sprained her ankle. I had neglected to put the railings up right after we moved and felt so guilty.